4 Miles to Harmonyville

by Newfane

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"I hate you more every day you're alive."


released June 27, 2015

All songs by Newfane except "Six Sixty Six," written by Larry Norman and published by Strawbed Music

Greg Huang: guitar, bass, vocals
Chris Rigopulos: guitar, bass, vocals
Alex Rigopulos: drums

Recorded at Q Division Studios, Somerville, MA
Engineering and mixing: Rafi Sofer
Mastering: Mike Quinn

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all rights reserved


Newfane Boston, Massachusetts

Middle-aged death and destruction, with guitar solos.


Sep 14, 9pm
The Plough & Stars
Cambridge, MA

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Track Name: House of the Dead
Down at the Stag's Head there's a girl
Who lost the best part of her soul
She orders a last one for the road
And tries to leave through the front door

Down at the Stag's Head there's a rule
We only take you for a fool
Lately the market's seen a boom
Just take a look around the room

There's a reason that I'm here to stay
We figured out what I won't say
You're the reason I won't go away
Quit trying to hide what we won't pay

Looking around, above at the stars
Everyone's lost the best part of themselves
If you only knew the state that we're in
You wouldn't pour life to begin

We're in the house of the dead
We're in the house of the dead
We're in the house of the dead
Where is the house of the dead

© 2015 Greg Huang
Track Name: Longslide
Heading to the store because I got a mission
And it's hard to be in this position
They got no plasma, that's a shame
And I got three girls with the same name

They got no Internet, a simpler time, that's just fine
They got phone books, that's OK because I will make her mine

45 longslide

Heading to your house because I'm on a mission
And I'm starting to lose my disposition
My laser sighting's out of focus
And this time displacement is kind of bogus
This thing called Skynet's real, you're out of time, that's just fine
They burned my hair off, that's OK because I will make her mine

© 2015 Greg Huang

The machines rose from the ashes of the nuclear fire
Their war to exterminate mankind had raged for decades
But the final battle would not be fought in the future
It would be fought here, in our present

(Epilogue: From "The Terminator," written by James Cameron)
Track Name: Staring Into Space
I see the things you will pay for
I see the look upon your face
They're not the same things you will pray for
That doesn't mean they're unrelated

We're both common educated
I understand the things you say
Now you will do me a big favor
If and when I lose my way

(If a man in love with the kings above
Ain't no end to the things that he dreaming of
Whatever he bring to the scene become
The people he leave hate the things he does)

If they ever go away
If I lose it all, but am here to stay
You'll give me meaning for my days alone
I will need you both
I'm coming for you
I'm coming for you

Your heads upon a stake
Don't make up for your mistake
But I'm glad to see your eyes are staring into space

© 2015 Greg Huang
Track Name: Destiny
You might be destiny
You might be the end of me
Either way we won't forget this sunny day

The trees were turning red
The fire was burning in my head
Then you turned and said I can't sleep in my own bed

Prepare for one thing
And you always get the other one
But either way we won't regret this any day

Because it's bigger than all of us
There is a reason for this loss
When you said yes, I could see us all as dust

Now I hate you more every day you're alive

© 2015 Greg Huang
Track Name: Six Sixty Six
Written by Larry Norman, published by Strawbed Music (1976)
By way of Frank Black and the Catholics (1998)

In the midst of the war, he offered us peace
And he came like a lover from out of the east
With the face of an angel and the heart of a beast
His intentions were six sixty six

He walked up to the temple with gold in his hand
And he bought off the priests and propositioned the land
And the world was his harlot and laid in the sand
While the band played six sixty six

We served at his table and slept on the floor
But he starved us and beat us and nailed us to the door
Well, I'm ready to die, I can't take any more
And I'm sick of his lies and his tricks

He told us he loved us, that was a lie
There was blood in his pockets and death in his eyes
Well my number is up, and I'm ready to die
If the band will play six
If the band will play six sixty
If the band will play six sixty six