Trilogy (Ruins / January / I Recognize)

by Newfane

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"Winter was our freedom, then it snowed again."

All songs by Newfane:

Ruins / January / I Recognize
(from the EP, "Wellness Center")

Greg Huang: guitar, vocals
Chris Rigopulos: guitar, vocals
Alex Rigopulos: drums
Greg LoPiccolo: bass

Recorded at Q Division Studios, Somerville, MA
Engineering and mixing: Rafi Sofer
Mastering: Mike Quinn

Cover image: Buzz Andersen (via Unsplash)

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In your darkest hour
You will find us now
On a dirt warpath above you
We saw your cities burn
And your children learned
There was nothing to return to
But a lifelong taste for blood

Ask us to rebuild
Dig a hole to fill
With memories of her below you
I remember still
Standing on a hill
Shoveling dirt upon our future
And they said never again

Need a plan, a higher plain
Then we said never again
Need a better fire plane
Take us to a higher flame

In ruins below, they will see
Burning apart of me
We'll do it alone, where we'll be
You'll want no part of this


I come from the future
I know all your fates
Don't stop what you're doing
It's much too late
I know what you're thinking
I don't even know your name
Trust me when I tell you
We end up all the same

I've seen devastation
I know what it takes
To look you in the eye
Know our hearts will break
You have to survive
We will show you how to fight
When you're good and ready
Lead us to the light
Lead us out of the night

You see faces, I see ghosts
You see places, I see ruins
All the things you want most
I will say they're not worth doing

I lived through your future
I know when it came
You would never see them
To you it's all a game
Winter was our freedom
Then it snowed again
Gave me one good reason
To steer into the pain
Get this out of the brain

If January's a place we married
That won't change, we're so tired
January's a place we married
I won't change, we're so tired
If January's a place we married
I won't change your snow tires

You see faces, I see ghosts
You see places, never ending
All the things you love most
I will say they're all worth doing
If January's a place we married
I won't change your snow tires in July

I Recognize

I want you to leave this world behind
I will help you find a way to fly

I recognize, recognize your eyes
Your eyes
I'll rectify, rectify your lies
Your lies, your lies

Before you shoot your lip off
We were better off alone
Before this final flip off
It was better not to own
Then you said we had a deal
It was only yours to steal, and now

I'll simplify, simplify your life
Your life
I'll liquefy, liquefy your mind
Your mind, you're mine

Before this final rip off
We were better left alone
Before you chew your leg off
It was better on the bone

I know where you lay your head
I know where it’ll go instead, now

Dear Alison, Alison you’re lying
You’re lying
If we’re innocent, innocent
You’ll fly, tonight

© 2016 Greg Huang


released December 10, 2016



all rights reserved


Newfane Boston, Massachusetts

Middle-aged death and destruction, with guitar solos.


Sep 14, 9pm
The Plough & Stars
Cambridge, MA

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